Thank You

We wish to acknowledge five members of the Denver Police Brotherhood who first met with the Chief Of Police to form the Denver Police Officers Foundation in 1996, they were. Sgt. James Ponzi, Sgt. Mike Fetrow, Det. J C Tyus Jr, Det. Dennis Anaya, and Off. Joe Chacon at the time. Over the next few years the TASK was kept up and in 1998 new Chief of Police Tom Sanchez supported the idea 100% and won the support of Mayor Wellington Webb to proceed. At that time Off. Joe Chacon had made Sergeant and well aware of what was needed was assinged the TASK. The most important factor in forming the Officers Foundation was to make sure that every employee organization had a representative on the Board with a say so thus representing all of the officers on the department. This was accomplished. With legal help of Attorney Michael Shea and accountant Larry Neu coordinating with Sgt. Chacon, who had gathered information from other Law Enforcement agencies the Denver Police Officers Foundation was formed.


We wish to thank the following original Founders for all their work:

Deputy Chief David Abrams, Deputy Chief Heather Coogan, Attorney Leonard Chesler, Det. Levert White BPO, Det. Dennis Anaya and Det. J C Tyus Jr Brotherhood, Det. Edward Ledger Latino/Latina, Det. Jerry Arellano Laley, Det. David Neal PPA, Ms. Elaine Neal Juvenile Courts, Mr. David Caldiero of David Ellis Jewelers.


Over the years the Board has changes but always having a seat and input from citizen representatives and officers representing the employee organizations.


We pour out a debt of gratitude to Board member Mr. John DiNardo and wife Sheila for thier generous donation to fund our first Video and pamphlet information so we could solicit funding. This led to our greatest Benefactor over the years of the Anschutz family. Mr. Christian Anschutz founded the Denver Police Foundation to support the Denver Police Department with needed equipment, training, life saving gear and much more as well as raising money for the Denver Police Officers Foundation.


We would like to thank Mr. Bruce O’Dette, owner of the “Carpet Exchange” who was the first business to come forward to support our Annual fund raiser and has continued to this day to financially support our officers and their families.

The Rocky Mountain Law Enforcement Federal Credit Union has been most generous by offering an office and meeting rooms when needed as well as assisting with numerous events.


In 2011 the Denver Police Officers Foundation hosted the “Officers Ball” held at the Denver Hyatt Tech. Center. We wish to acknowledge our Chairperson Sharon Magness Blake for her wonderful support which led to the success of the Ball.


We wish to acknowledge Chief Gerlad Whitman for his eleven years as Chief Of Police of the Denver Police Department. Through out those eleven years years Chief Whitman supported the Denver Police Officers Foundation and help develop the Denver Police Foundation civilian board, the Heal as your Feal Program, and the Lt. Thomas O’Byrne Health Fair. Thank you Chief Whitman for your many years of support and concern.