Denver Police Officers Foundation

Since its creation in 1999, the Denver Police Officers Foundation has devoted itself solely to providing emotional and financial support to Denver police officers and their immediate family members during health-related matters such as medical emergencies and long-term illnesses, as well as assistance with funding for funeral expenses and other disastrous circumstances.


Help us in our continued mission of supporting Denver Police Officers and their families in times of critical need.

Donations from citizens and monthly city payroll deductions have allowed the Foundation to assist in the following ways:

  • Providing emergency short- and long-term financial assistance for current and retired Denver police officers and their immediate family members.
  • Managing the Burg Simpson Law Firm College Scholarship,  represented by attorney Marshall Fogel, to provide financial aid toward tuition, fees, books, meal plans, or housing for children of active Denver police officers.
  • Managing the Jacques and Alexisa Bensard Medical Education Scholarship, a yearly scholarship awarded to a child of a Denver police officer by a scholarship board consisting of members appointed by the Bensard family as well as two representatives from the Denver Police Officers Foundation.
  • Financially maintaining the Denver Police Memorial and coordinating the annual memorial celebration.

  • Supporting the Fallen Heroes Program, which raises money to send officers representing the Denver Police Department to the National Police Memorial in Washington, D.C.
  • Managing the Heal As You Feel program, which was created to deliver cards, flowers, or gift baskets to hospitalized officers and employees of the Denver Police Department. Additionally, this program offers emotional support to terminally ill officers and family members through informational meetings regarding medical issues, funeral arrangements, and family counseling.
  • Managing the Retired Officers’ Assistance Fund, which offers financial support for retirees experiencing medical emergencies and to help fund funeral expenses.

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