Board of Directors

Denver Police Officers Foundation

Denver Police Officers Foundation Board of Directors 2020

Denver Police Department

  • Chief of Police Paul Pazen, Chairperson
  • Chief Barb Archer, Chief’s Appointee/Treasure
  • President Lt. Kenneth Chavez, NPLOA
  • 1st VP James Wheeler, Investment Manager
  • Nick Rogers, PPA
  • Carla Havard, BPO
  • Dean Christopherson, FOP
  • Danny Vieth
  • Robert Waider (Heal As You Feel)
  • George Gray, Brotherhood
  • (Retired) Cpt. Rhonda Jones
  • (Retired) Cpt. Jennifer Steck
  • Lt. Michael Wyatt, LGBTQ

Community Representatives

  • Ralph Barocas, RBC Wealth Management
  • (Retired) Jacques Bensard, Medical Scholarship Fund
  • David Caldiero, David Ellis Jewelers
  • Marshall Fogel, Attorney, Burg Simpson Law Firm
  • Jody Hill, DPD Spousal Support
  • (Retired) Tony Lombard, Lobbyist
  • Jennifer Malchiodi, Philosophy Communication
  • Elaine Neal, Retired Juvenile Courts
  • (Retired) Sharon Sekerak, DPD Civilian Employees
  • Morey Troy, Business Owner
  • Christine Wiley, Rocky Mountain Law Enforcement Federal Credit Union

Past Presidents/Trustees

  • Sgt. Joseph Chacon, Founder
  • Lt. Edward Leger, Latino/Latina
  • (Retired) Det. JC Tyus Jr, Executive Director
  • (Retired) Cpt. Brian Gallagher, PPA
  • Sgt. Joseph Engelbert


  • Attorney Micheal Shea
  • Accountant Larry Neu
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