Bourgeois Family

Dec 10 2016

Bourgeois Family

Detective David Bourgeois has three children: a nine-year-old, an eight-year-old, and a six-year-old. Unfortunately, his oldest daughter and youngest son were both diagnosed very early in their lives with different chromosomal abnormalities. His youngest son was also diagnosed with autism around the same time. All of these conditions required care that just wasn’t covered by Det. Bourgeois’ medical insurance plan. But his kids needed care–how could he provide the extra care they needed without sacrificing it all?


Enter the Denver Police Officer’s Foundation. After learning of Det. Bourgeois’ situation and the financial strain it would cause his family to provide adequate healthcare for his children, all out of pocket, they stepped in to provide assistance. The DPOF offered Det. Bourgeois and his family a generous financial gift to assist them in paying medical bills to ensure that his children were able to get the care they needed for their conditions.


“I can’t say enough about what it meant to us,” says Det. Bourgeois.


The Denver Police Officer’s Foundation provides financial assistance to police officers and their families when they need it most. To read more stories like Det. Bourgeois’, visit our Mission page. To donate to our cause, even if it’s only a small amount, visit our Donate page to give back.

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