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DP Memorial

The Denver Police Memorial Celebration was held Thursday May 14th 2015, at 11:00 AM. at Denver Police headquarters located at 1331 Cherokee St. Denver, Colorado.

The Memorial was a tremendous success, showing respect to our fallen and remembering those who have made the Denver Police Department the greatest in the nation. This year was very special as we added Det. Michael E Dowd to the Fallen Historic Officers on the Memorial. We want to thank Ret. Capt. Steve Metros and the Dowd family for their years of work with help from the forensic doctors and the Denver Coroners Office who ruled Mike died from wounds suffered years prior in a gun battle with an escaped murder felon, after being shot 6 times Mike lived on to help the young in Denver through the Denver Police Activites League dying at the age of 62. The Memorial is maintained and sponsored by the Denver Police Officers Foundation and the Denver Police Foundation. The Celebration again was coordinated with the  Denver Police Museum at Headquarters, very impressive. The retirees and officers attended an awards luncheon at the PPA event center where the retirees organization thanked and awarded Station 1 Fireman who came to the Memorial Rescue in February of this year washing the paint off of the Memorial thrown there by anti American Activist.