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DP Memorial

The Denver Police Memorial Celebration was held Thursday May 15th 2014, at 11:00 AM. at Denver Police headquarters located at 1331 Cherokee St. Denver, Colorado.

The Memorial was a tremendous success, showing respect to our fallen and remembering those who have made the Denver Police Department the greatest in the nation. The Memorial is maintained and sponsored by the Denver Police Officers Foundation and the Denver Police Foundation. The Celebration was coordinated with the Grand Opening of the Denver Police Museum at Headquarters, very impressive. The retirees and officers attended an awards luncheon at the El Jebel Shrine where Lt. Joe Gross was honored along with the memory of Det. Emery Haze for their heroic actions. The food was catered by Ross’s Catering. Many thanks to the Shriners of El Jebel who offered their beautiful facility and supported our Officers in many ways, as always.