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About Us

The sole purpose of the foundation is to offer financial assistance to an active Denver Police officer or immediate member of the officer’s family during the time of medical crisis, death, long-term illness, or any other crisis.

Since the founding of the Denver Police Officers’ Foundation, the money donated by the officers’ monthly payroll deductions, donations by citizens and other fund raisers has allowed the foundation to assist in the following manner:

  1. An active Denver police officer or his immediate family member may receive “emergency financial assistance”  when voted on and approved by the foundation board by either phone or email.
  2. Long-term assistance is available for the Denver officer or immediate family member. The officer must complete an application which will be assigned to a three-member committee from the foundation board. The committee will present their findings and recommendation to a full board meeting for a vote of approval. This assistance is reviewed yearly and not to exceed three years.
  3. “Heal as you Feel Program” is designed to send cards, flowers or gift basket to an officer or employee of the Denver Police Department. The program also allows to assist terminally ill officers or  family members with meetings, lunch or dinners with others to discuss their medical issues. Our representative has prepared and assisted in funeral arrangements and family counseling.
  4. Retired Officers’ Assistance Fund. This Fund is the result of the Chief of Police and his upper command donating their pay raises when the city dropped the retirees from its health care plans, causing the payments to escalate. The original money was monitored and controlled by the DPPA relief fund, then transferred to the Denver Police Pension Association who did not want to manage the money. The DPPA petitioned the Officers’ Foundation to monitor the requests which the Officers’ Foundation agreed to do with matching funds. This also allowed the Officers’ Foundation to assist in retirees funerals if needed. Certain donations have come in directed to that use.
  5. The civilian employees of the Denver Police Department requested assistance in setting up an account under the Officers’ Foundation which employees can donate to and assist their fellow workers. This was approved with the understanding that the civilians have their own board and guidelines in distributing the money.
  6. Jacques and Alexisa Bensard Medical Education Scholarship Award. Retired Tech. Jacques (Frenchy) Bensard submitted a proposal to offer yearly scholarship awards from investments he has made. The scholarships would be made through the Officers’ Foundation 501 c 3 from the money the Bensard family will deposit into the RMLEFCU. Two representatives from the Officers’ Foundation will be on the Scholarship Board along with members appointed by the Bensard family.
  7. The Sgt. Thomas O’Byrne annual Health Fair. After the death of Sgt. Thomas O’Byrne, the Officers Foundation established the annual health fair that is set up and managed by Tech. Services and Human Resources. The bills are paid from donations to the Officers’ Foundation.
  8. Memorial Fund. The Denver Police Memorial Fund was established by the Officers’ Foundation to support the annual Police Memorial as well as to receive donations to maintain the Denver Police Memorial.
  9. BurgSimpson educational assistance program. This fund is set up to assist the active DPD Officers family in hardship situations with money needed for school supplies, clothing, fees, etc. Fudning for this program is through the BurgSimpson Law Firm represented by Board Member Attorney Marshall Fogel.
  10. Spousal Support Group. The Officers Foundation has agreed to assist this special group developed to assist DPD Officers through marital problems for better understanding and teaching.  A separate Board has been set up to monitor this program.
  11. Fallen Hero’s program. To raise money to support Active Denver Police Officers representing the Denver Police Department at the annual National Police Memorial in Washington D.C.